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Beyond the Mist

30 years after the release of my first album "Echoes from the Mist" Beyond the Mist returns to the feeling and expression of creating themes and reacting in a spontaneous intuitive way. Simply recording in the moment and expressing those feelings through sound. Beyond the Mist is gentle yet uplifting, relaxing, drifting and weaving its way through a hour of continuous music.


As part of the 30th anniversary celebration I thought it would be a great creative idea to completely rerecord Echoes from the Mist as if I had recorded it now for the first time. The feel and themes are the same but the energy and some sounds and textures have been updated including Chris Porter reading his own words over the closing part to the track "In Search of a New Destiny".


This project is for me a real landmark moment in my musical journey as it bookends the latest work with the first release. 


Both of these albums have also been fully recorded in 432Hz.


The artwork is by the amazing Cornish artist Ian David Spencer and is titled "Across the Dimensions". To view more of Ian's incredible artwork visit his website at   

Beyond the Mist

Tuote on loppu
  • CD1.

    1. Drifting into Tranquility

    2. A Voyage into Dreams

    3. Light on the Horizon

    4. Beyond the Mist

    5. For the Love of Being

    6. Awakening to Reality

    7. Drifting into Serenity

    Total Time 63 minutes

    Also available in the download store


    CD2. Echoes from the Mist 2023

    1. An Enlightening Dream

    2. Silhouette

    3. A Lost Past Remembered

    4. Beyond the Storm (Into Light)

    5. Softness and Light

    6. From Start to Finish

    7. Daybreaks Early Rising

    8. Tropical Dream Flight

    9. Movement Beyond

    10. In Search of a New Destiny

    Total Time 65 minutes

    Also available in the download store


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